Market offerings

In consulting there is only one matter that counts: to deliver! This is what our client’s demand of us and it is also what we demand of ourselves. The Everteam consulting services cover most areas that need to be considered in change and implementation projects. We have helped clients realizing their business visions by providing knowledge and resources in all phases of a development or implementation project, from the idea stage to supporting an implemented solution.

We provide high-level project management and development/integration consulting services in projects implementing either a standard software package or building a custom solution.

All our consultants have university master degrees in Engineering, Computer Science and/or Business Administration. An Everteam consultant is used to work in a highly structured, efficient and result-oriented way taking 110% responsibility for assigned tasks. We have experience of working with business critical systems and participating in strategically important projects.

We want our client to see us as the vendor that takes full responsibility for offered solutions and never leaves the client on their own before all knowledge is transferred from us.

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