SAP Project Management

Everteam project managers have years of experience of managing
global and complex development and implementations projects. We
offer project management skills both in implementing a standard soft-
ware package, such as SAP R/3, and in developing custom solutions for
a client. Examples of services provided by our project managers are time
planning, resource estimation, pre-studies, setting up a work structure,
implementation and documentation models etc.

Based on our experience from development and IT/Management
consulting firms , Everteam has developed a project management
methodology that we use in projects that we participate in. If your
company have its own methodology, we will in such case follow that

If you are a receiver of a project managed by Everteam, you can look
forward to:

  • Analysis of the business processes and current systems in your business
  • A detailed requirements specification to be approved by your organisation
  • A comprehensive system and design specification
  • Build and customisation of to-be solution
  • Legacy integration and migration
  • Installation including full on-site testing
  • Training for your operators and supervisors
  • On-going support via maintenance contracts (SLA)

…all carried out according to time and budget.